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Specific supplements

high quality

Orange Salute is

Official Vimergy reseller

Gluten-free food supplements and products without genetic engineering. They are perfect for a vegan or paleo-friendly diet. Without citric acid.

Recommended by the visionary approach to health of Anthony William (Medical Medium).

Discover the supplements on offer!

For healthy bones, hair and nails

Vimergy MSM with Silicon and Calcium is a unique formulation designed to support healthy bones, hair and nails.

Boosts the immune system

L-Lysine helps you have a healthy immune system and supports the growth and quality of hair, skin and tissue.

Do you want personalized advice on the products best suited to your needs?

Before becoming the official Italian Vimergy reseller and opening this shop, Paolo Donati was a specialized naturopath who guided and supported his patients towards well-being by following the guidelines of Medical Medium thought.

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